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- Character State Addons -

  • State Addons are extra nodes that have their own set of rules to trigger. They are in blue colors and optional tasks that you want to trigger with a certain condition while a State is active.

  • We will not be talking about all Addons in this section but will do so shortly about them in Tutorials and eventually make a huge Library containing data about them.

  • To Create a State Addon, [RMB] click in Event Graph of a State Module BP and type "Addon - [Name]" to search for the Node and then select it.

  • Unlike State Components, Addons don't need to be unique and we can have more than one with different condition requirements.


- Reversal System -

Addon used to override the Base Attack States.

- AI Data Definition -

Addon used to send data to AI so it can react to events in the game.

- Interaction Definition -

Addon used to interact with Stage Objects that are present in the Stage.

- Condition and Control Addons -

Addons used to Change States in various ways and Add / Remove Attachments.

- Sound Addons -

Addons used to Spawn Sounds and Music.

- Effect 2D Addons -

Addons used to spawn Paper Flipbook Effects and edit them runtime.

- Gamebound Addons -

Addons related to keep Character in or out of Stage or Camera.

- After Image Addons -

Addons related to create After Images behind Characters as they move.

- Meta Addons -

Addons related to change and manipulate very important functionalities.

- Visual Editing Addons -

Addons related to adjusting visuals of the Game.

- Event Triggering Addons -

Addons related to triggering Custom Events at certain time and demands.

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