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Addon - Reversal Definition

  • This Addon is used to override the State that an Attacker supposed to get into.

  • While an Attack puts the Target to a Receive Hit State, having this Definition on means that certain attack(s) can be overridden, causing a State that is set to trigger instead.

  • As we explore and explain how it works, example usage can be found in "OmenDocs_Basic_SM" and all Attack State Modules are used in "Reversal Example" Input State Definition.

  • "Condition" toggles this Addon on or off. This Addon is a constant trigger variant so Condition is checked per frame as long as the Character is in the State that this Definition is in.

  • "Self State ID to Trigger" and "Target State Module" is used to Trigger a State if the Reversal is success.

  • "Reversal State PS" is used to send data if needed.

  • "Reversal FB Anim" is used as a Collision Check in an attempt to trigger the Reversal. Attacks check for collision detection with this Flipbook first. It is important for it to cover the whole Character with its Collision Boxes if possible.


Reversal in Action (Parry)

  • "Attribute List" is used for defining values to check about the incoming Attacks. If the Attack Properties and this Lists' data match, the Reversal is triggered. Below is the Extension that is used for this:

Reversal Extension - Attribute Entry

  • This Extension is used to easily define Reversal Self-Trigger Conditions to check with the incoming Attacks. Can include a few or all possible Attack Types.

Rev Att Entry
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