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  • What is Unreal Fighter 2D?

    UF2D is an upcoming Framework for Unreal Engine, allowing anyone to develop 2D Fighting Games or make Fighters/Stages to share with the community!
  So many things are already possible and many are on the way as documentation and tutorials are coming. However, your support is needed! For starters feel free to watch the video below!

  • Framework? How useful is it?

    You can find small Templates everywhere to start making any game you want. However, UF2D includes all the systems required to make the game itself. I coded all the stuff that is needed, so you don't have to. If there is anything lacking, it will be added by me in future releases as well!


  • Unreal Engine and 2D?


     Although unpopular, Unreal Engine actually allows us to make 2D games via its Paper2D Plugin. UF2D has an extension of Paper2D with the functions needed to make 2D Fighting Games. In the end what we have is not only a 2D system, but everything that an amazing 3D Engine can offer such as stages, particle effects and much more!


  • I never coded and I have no idea how Unreal Engine works!


      Then I got good news for you; UF2D is developed exactly for people like you. Knowing how Unreal Engine works is a plus but NOT a requirement. UF2D is made of Blueprints (Visual Scripting Language of Unreal Engine) and using it to make your game is the way to go as well. Most of the time you will be linking nodes to each other to achieve what you need. Here is a small example;


    Moving Fighters, attacking each other, spawning Projectiles, playing cinematics, creating Menus, coding Companions, Stages and much more is done by visual scripting and everything is provided for you. Not to mention there will be examples and tutorials to help you out along the way!

Make Your Own 2D Fighting Game
  • Is UF2D open source? Can I add/modify stuff?


    Since UF2D is done 95% Blueprints, everything is open source and you can check how I have coded things with explanations! Adding and / or modifying stuff is possible and nothing is inaccessible.


  • How much UF2D costs?


   UF2D costs only 5$ Patreon support per month to use and it is ready to download for supporters! More support is welcomed but not requested. Depending on the success of Patreon, netcode support will arrive and other projects will be possible such as UF3D.


  • What is the status on UF2D?


    Currently UF2D is ready for Fighter, Projectile and Stage Creation. There are many fight modes that Assist and Swap, Camera Modes that support Zooming, Stage Ground and Walls being breakable and expandable, Platforms that Fighters can stand on, Companions which can have their own AIs and much more!


   Also Tutorials are enough to get you going as a developer and more are coming whilst documentation itself is in the works. 

      We will mainly focus on developing Fighters as I clear bugs, add missing features if there is any etc. Surely other parts we deem "untested by community" will be there. For example curious minds can check how Arcade Mode works but they need to know that the time to test it will come at a later date.


    Eventually version 1.0 will declare "Stable for Game Creation" and Framework will become ready as time goes on but development will last forever. ^-^ (I am looking at you, Rollback Netcode.)

  • Is it Multiplayer Ready?

     Not yet. There is a separate project of UF2D has started and will be soon available once it gets more stable. However more time and support needed for it to become a real deal faster!

  • How can I get support?

     Feel free to support and get access to the project via our Patreon links! Any type of support will let you download the Project!

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