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  • These Addons are used to interact with the Attack System of the Framework further. You could say they are secondary options to use when needed.

Reflect Projectiles

  • This Addon allows your character to Reflect Projectiles.

  • Before an Attack Definition of a Projectile lands, Projectile checks if Character is requesting to reflect. Then Projectile checks if a "Self Reflection" Addon is toggled on. Images shown below for both needed Addons.


State Location for Projectile Reflection is in
"OmenDocs_Adv_SM" - State 805.


State Location for Projectile Reflection Toggle is in
"OmenDocs_Proj0_SM" - State 500.

  • "Projectile Reflection ID" is used to select an Array Item stored in Projectiles. Array can hold many State Modules, allowing many ways to reflect the said Projectile.

  • While the name is "Reflection" and sounds advanced, it actually isn't. Reflection State Modules are just simple modules that actually Switches the Team of the Projectile which happens automatically. Other than that there is no difference.

  • We will get to Reflection Parameters deeper in Projectile Docs.

Location of Projectile Reflection Variable
and State Module Example.

Projectile Reflection in Action.

Bind Character to Target / Unbind Character

  • This Addon allows you to let your Character be attached to another one in a forced way. This Addon is mostly used for Throw Attacks.

  • You can use "Character to Bind" as your target that needs to suffer from a Throw Attack. "Binding Type" can be either Offset or Socket Style and this affects which options below to be used to relocate the Target. 

  • "Offset Settings" allows an offset value to determine the actual location of attachment where as "Socket Settings" allows much more accurate targeting with one extra condition that Target's Sprite Socket should also be provided.

  • "Rotate Target to Self" forces Target to face to the Attacker and Extra Rotation value can be used to Rotate the Flipbooks of Grabbed Target if further rotation is needed.

  • The Usage of this Addon will be explained in a Tutorial eventually.

  • "Unbind Character" is used in the Custom State Module that Grabbed Characters use and marks the end of the Grab Attack, giving full control to Character itself system wise.

  • This addon can also "Reset Relative Rotation" if extra rotation properties were used previously.


Override Receive Hit System

  • This Addon will allow you to override the basic Receive States and trigger a Custom State you made, such as Crush Counters. However it is a work in progress and not usable fully right now.

Change Attack / Defense Multiplier

  • These Addons allow you to change a Character's Attack or Defense Multiplier for a Specific Type of Attack.

  • These value changes are permanent so they need to be reverted back with another trigger of same Addon type if needed.

Move Hit Reset

  • Attack Definitions provide final outcome data shown in the image to the right.

  • This Addon Resets these values which actually stay alive to be used further by State Modules, important to trigger functions and events if needed.


Override Laydown Time

  • This Addon is used to override the Lay Down Time in Frames that occurs after a Character gets knocks down to the ground.

  • Mostly used by Custom Receive Hit States where you may want to keep the Character on ground longer than usual.


Override Bounce Amount

  • This Addon is used to override the Bounce Amount that occurs after a Character is about to fall on the ground after a hit receive occurs.

  • Mostly used by Custom Receive Hit States and you want to use the Bounce States yourself in the end but didn't define count yet.

Bind Unbind Char
Override RHit Sys
Change AtkDfs M
Move Hit Reset
Override Laydown Time
Override Bounce Amount
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