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Trigger on Condition

  • This Addon allows you to trigger workflow depending on the "Condition". Useful if you need a single check to trigger other Addons and such.


Act System Reset

  • This Addon triggers the Event named "Reset Act System" which is used to reset the "Act System Bool List" to its default values.

  • This is mostly used by States such as "State 0" aka Idle Stance where all the means to do moves is reset. We go through this in tutorials.


Set Controls

  • This Addon allows you to change "Movement and Ability Input" variables that are used in Input State Definitions that are used to trigger moves and such.

  • These variables are not linked to the actual Movement / Ability System. It is all up to you to decide when a Character can move or do attacks.

  • In short, Input Definitions respect the changes made by this Addon and its variants.

Act System Reset
Set Controls
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