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Play / Stop Sound

  • These Addons allows you to play a Sound Asset or stop if it is playing.

  • "Channel ID" in  Play Sound Addon is used for specifying which channel to use. "Voice" and "Receive Hit" options prevent sounds overlapping if more are triggered which prevents echoing and such.

  • Feel free to use "Voice" whenever you need it. "Receive Hit" is used mostly for Receive Hit States.

  • "Sound to Play" accepts Raw Sounds, Cues and MetaSounds. Unreal Engine currently has a bug of having some Raw and Cue Sounds delayed when triggered the first time but MetaSounds does not have this issue.

  • "Start Time" specifies the time that you want to the sound to start. This is not frame based.

  • "Volume Multiplier" is used to add extra volume on which Options Menu provides.

  • "Remove on Get Hit" is used so that this channel the Sound uses is stopped once an attack lands on the Character.

  • "Manual Replay" allows you to retrigger the Sound.

  • Output "Return Value" can be used in combination with "After Addon Trigger" to create a variable of the Sound Channel so that you can manually stop it  via "Stop Sound" Addon showed above.

Change / Stop / Play Music

  • These Addons allows you to change the behavior of the current Music playing in the Stage.

      --- Change Music ---

  • "Replay If Same" is used to replay the Music if you wanted to change the music to the same one. When not toggled, nothing happens if you selected the music that is already playing.

  • "Array ID / Item ID" are the values that are contained in the "Sound Storage" Actor that is present in the Map as shown in the video.

  • Array ID is used to select the lists as named "Menu, Stage, Fighter" whereas Item ID is used to select the song within.

  • "Start Time / Delay" is used to adjust the way the music starts.

  • "Fade In / Out" is used to adjust the way music comes in and out of the game.

    --- Play / Stop Current Music ---

  • These Addons allow you to stop or restart / continue the Music if there was any playing at the beginning of the Stage.

Change Stop Play Music
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