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Addon - AI Data Definition

  • This Addon is used to send data to all Target AIs that are in other Teams, basically sharing information that is important.

  • AIs are blind by nature. They do not see things as we do. Instead they do a big Trace to find what's happening around them. And in order to find data the Target they find needs to be able to provide data. This is where this Addon comes in.

  • Only one AI Data Definition can be active at a time. If you want to use another one, you need to use the Output "Search Finish" and trigger another one.

  • For example in the image above when the Target is in the state that this Addon is in, all AIs are being told that;

    1- The Target is doing an Attack in first 4 Sprite Groups of its animation (Value Between 0 and 3)
    2- Attack can be guarded (GuardFlag) by all stances (SCA referring to Standing, Crouching and Aerial)
    3- Distance to guard is maximum 150, meaning that AI could choose to Guard if the Target is close at least as much as this value.

  • We will be getting a huge AI Documentation about how it all works later on.

  • "Condition" toggles this Addon on or off. This Addon is a constant trigger variant so Condition is checked per frame as long as the Character is in the State that this Definition is in.

  • "AI Data" accepts a single Struct Variable that contains information to let the AIs know. In the example above we have "Data ID" which is important to keep unique as much as possible as AIs can recognize the change and act accordingly. "Interest Multiplier" increases the chance of AI reacting to such event. "Transmit / Condition Data" sends the Data but with a condition to care for it. Again, these systems will be having their own documentation so for now this is all just so you can have an idea of how things work.

  • "Box List" is used to select which "Custom Box" to use in a Sprite's Collision to use. If left empty, all "Custom Box" collision will be used. Example can be seen below.

Creating a Custom Box in Sprite Collisions.

Preparation to activate OmenDocs_Char's AI
and Guarding Showcase.

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