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  • In this section we will see how can we manipulate the Character, with various means such as editing its Health, Power, Collision Data and even changing it to another Character runtime.

  • All the Addons demonstrated before are in "OmenDocs_Adv_SM". Search for "State 800" and you will find them all.

  • Feel free to link each Addon separately to the State to see what they are doing.


State Location for the Examples of Character Manipulation.

Change Player Character

  • This Addon allows you to change Character to another one. It is a must to have the other Character to be preloaded.

  • Since another Character will always be ready to be loaded, be really careful about how you are going to use this Addon as it can be a pretty heavy process depending on the other Character that will be spawned.

  • This is not directly a change of Character but that the other Character is spawned into the game, given Player control and the old Character is deleted completely.

  • "Character to Change" is the current active Character to change. "New Character" is the value to change the old Character.

  • "Extra Spawn Offset" can be used to adjust the spawn location a little.

  • "Health / Current Health / Character Icon / Character Name" values can be changed completely if so desired. This is just to add a bit of control on the arriving Character.

  • "Trigger State" is used to let the Character Trigger a "State Module" with the "State ID" provided and have additional data to send if "PS Var List" is used.

  • "Outfit ID" is used to determine which ID to use as Outfit. If you are not using any extra outfit, keep it as "-1".

  • "Material ID" is to use which Palette for the Outfit mentioned above.


Character Health Modify / Add / Subtract

  • These Addons can be used adjust the Health of the Character manually.

    --- Health Add / Subtract ---


  • "Add / Subtract Value" is the main change input. "Defense Multiplier Value" can be used if you want the Addon should respect Defenses.

  • "Update Recovery Health" can be used to also reduce the Recovery Health Value if you are using the said system.

  • "Update LH Bar" visually adjusts "Lose Health Bar". This is only for cosmetics.

  • "Damage KO" can be used if this Addon should cause the Character to lose the current Round or not. It is suggested to use it with "Trigger State" and "State Module and ID" values to trigger a State that contains KO parameters. If left alone, a simple default State will be used.

      --- Health Modify ---

  • This Addon allows you to adjust the Health's value to a brand new one.

  • "Current Health" sets the active Health Value.

  • "New Maximum Health" allows you to change the health capacity of the Fighter for the current active game.

Set / Add Power Value by ID

  • These Addons can be used to adjust the "Power" of the Character with the given parameters of "Power ID" and "Power Values".

  • Note that "Power ID 0" is for actual Power used for Special / Hyper Moves, "ID 1" is for Guarding, "ID 2" for Daze. "ID 3+" is free to use for you.

  • "Owner" can be either Team or for the Character itself. However for now only "Team" is supported.

  • "New Max Power" allows you to change the power capacity of the Fighter for the current active game.


Set / Add Character Display Offset

  • These Addons can be used to adjust the "Relative Location" of the Character Flipbooks to its original location.

  • Strongly suggested to use them when needed for only a set of time as having the Flipbooks offset can surely feel off for continuous play.

  • Video below already shows what I mean.


Toggle PlayerPush

  • This Addon can be used to disable Playerpush so the Character do not push the other Characters and pass through them.

  • If you are toggling it ON, strongly suggested to also set the "Push Others if Stuck" on so that the scene can be clear of weird positioning that might occur.


Toggle Target Lockable

  • This Addon can be used to disable the Target Lock system for the Character.

  • By Default Characters automatically face to their closest Target when possible. It can be a good idea to use this Addon especially for Companions.


New Character Width

  • This Addon can be used to change the Width Values of either Character Collision Box (which prevents Characters getting in each other and World Collision Box (which prevents Characters from getting out of Stage Limits).

  • "-1" Value means no changes will be done. Also note that World Collision Box can NOT be smaller than Character Collision Box and UF2D automatically stops that if you try to do that.


Change Interaction Parameters

  • This Addon can be used to change the Character's behavior system. They can completely be ignored by Players, Camera or Stage.

  • This is really a strong Addon and must be used carefully. It is however great to use for Characters to go out of Stage or for their arrival.

  • Companions also can benefit a lot from this, especially if they don't need to interact with Camera.

Health Change
Change Power
Display Offset
Target Lock
New Width
Int Params
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