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  • These Addons are used to trigger ghostly images of Character's at its previous locations.

  • The Examples for all the Addons reside in "OmenDocs_Adv_SM" at "State 820" as shown in the video.

After Image Spawner

  • This is the main Addon allows you to spawn ghost images of past Character Location.

  • "Image Anim" is a Blueprint Code that we need to use to adjust its color, fading and what not. We will get to creating one in the next section.

  • "Material Override" is used to select a material than what the Character has if you want the ghost images to use a different one.

  • "Spawn Delay Per Frame" determines the delay between each spawn trigger, letting you select spacing between them. Minimum value is "1".

  • "Max Amount of Spawns" determines the amount of ghost images to spawn in the Life Time of the Spawner itself mentioned below. If this number reaches its limit, then Spawner will stop regardless of its Life Time. Default Value can be "-1" which means there will be no limit of spawns.

  • "Render Offset" is used so that you can render the Images in front or further back of the other objects. This value increases the "Translucency Sort Priority" value spawned sprites. More information about Render Order of all sprites in UF2D will be given at a later date.

  • "Spawner Life Time" sets the duration of the Spawner in frames.

  • "Record Transform" is used to adjust movement of the Sprites. "Static" keeps the spawned sprites in place while "Recorded" moves the sprites just like the Character does. "Attached" keeps the spawned sprites on top of the Character and not really used.

  • "Forced Delete" completely removes all Images in an instant if the State changes.

AfterImage Animations & Creation

  • AfterImage Animations are a different Blueprint of their own that stores the data of visual changes. Both Anim Start and End Events need to be present in order for it to function correctly.

  • 6 Macros are available to use to edit the Colors.

  • Video to the side shows where the Template is to copy and use it for your own needs.

Extension - Stop Spawn & Destroy

  • These Extensions can be used to stop the AfterImage System in various ways.

  • "Stop Spawn" version gently stops the spawning without removing the Images instantly.

  • "Destroy" version stops and instantly removes all Sprites.

AftrImage Stop
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