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  • These Addons are used to trigger optional Custom Events if needed.

Fighter Event Trigger

  • This Addon allows you to trigger any Custom Event you have prepared in your Fighter.

  • "Target Fighter" is the reference to use and "State to Call" is the name of the Custom Event.

  • There are no rules about triggering a State and it is up to you to decide what happens with a Custom Event.


Toggle Event Listen

  • This Addon allows you let the State Module listen to what is going on in the game.

  • There are 3 Events that can trigger in State Module if the "Toggle" is ON and they are shown below.

  • "On Attack Impact" triggers every time the "Target" Fighter gets an Attack landed upon them.

  • "Round Start / End Signal" Events trigger at each Round End and Start, useful if you want something to start or stop etc.


Toggle Input Listen

  • This Addon allows you let the State Module listen to "Target Character" and trigger Custom Events to check what ACTION Input they press.

  • You can use a "Contains" Node to check what the currently pressed "Input Array" has.

  • The values to search for are like this:

  • Light / Medium / Heavy Punch = x / y / z

  • Light / Medium / Heavy Kick = a / b / c

  • Taunt / Special One / Special Two = t / s / w

Input Listen
Event Listen
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