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     Welcome to the Tutorials! Here we will be going through everything related to Unreal Engine and UF2D step by step. If it is your first time to use Unreal Engine, I strongly suggest starting from the very first Sections! As promised before, UF2D is meant to be for people who never used Unreal Engine before, so don't be afraid to check them out!


     Please report any bugs and issues you find! Anything from videos to be not clear, missing etc. Never hesitate!

Level 0 - Unreal Engine Basics

Unreal Engine and UF2D - Introduction


    Here we will be talking about what Unreal Engine is and how you should NOT be scared of using it. Also there will be a brief explanation of UF2D's role in all this.


    Highly recommended for beginners.

Unreal Interface

    This part will help you get familiarize with the Interface itself, showing what the most common buttons do, how to use Content Browser(s) etc.


Blueprints - Basics

    We will be chatting about what Blueprints to have an understanding in basic levels.

  • Introduction to visual scripting.

  • Macros, Functions and Events.

  • Parent and Child Blueprints


Material Basics


    We will have a brief explanation on how rendering works in Unreal Engine to a very basic degree. We will be talking about Textures, Materials, Material Instances and such!

Palette System

    As most 2D Fighting Games a Palette System is a must. So UF2D comes with one that is easy enough to use! Here we will be talking about how to make one and such!


Paper2D Plugin

    In this section we will be talking about Paper2D; a plugin that contains all the code for making a 2D game in Unreal Engine. This is the plugin where we get to use Sprites and Flipbooks and dive into how to make collision boxes and such!


Level 1 - UF2D First Step Info and Tutorials


    Here we will be delving into what the basic variables for Characters are and how we change them. Some important factors related to properly positioning the Fighter on Stage Ground and Collision Boxes will be discussed as well.​

    Also We will be developing a Fighter named "Omen" together as base which is included in the Framework!


Creating a Fighter

    Here we will be making a Fighter from scratch, using the Fighter Template Blueprint that is being provided. This is a short Tutorial as Fighter Blueprints are meant to generally hold the variable and properties alongside with the "Input System" which will be taken care of in other tutorials.


Character Animation System 1/2

    Here we will be talking about how Characters are animated and what this Component do to achieve this. In most basic terms, this Component holds all the Animation Data and Characters calls on them to get animated.​

    System not only supports palettes and pixelart Characters but also extra outfits and hand drawn ones!


Creating an Animation System for Omen 2/2

    After going through the Animation System (FAnim), it is time to prepare one for Omen!


Basics of State Modules

    State Modules are the Blueprints that put our Game Objects into different States as they contain State Definitions. Here we will be having a general entry to what they are about and contain. Feel free to check the State Modules mentioned below when you are done!


Character State Module

    It is important to know what Character State Modules are since they are the primary blueprints that put your Fighters into different states. Is he standing? Attacking? Should it be in control? Let's see about it!


State Definition - Taunt

    In this Section, we will be making our first State Module Blueprint and have a State Definition inside to use to Taunt enemies. It will be a very simple Tutorial as an entry point to the subject!

State Definition - Intro / Outro

    In this Section, we will be talking about Intro and Outro States and what is different between them and other State Modules!

     We will be talking deeper about them later on!


State Definition - Light Attacks

  In this Section, we will be starting to use a State Addon called "Attack Definition", one of the largest systems of the UF2D. We will also go through Light Punch and Kicks to get use to the system!
    This is one of the most important sections and a very long session. Be prepared!


State Definition - Medium and Heavy Attacks

     In this Section, we will quickly make Medium and Heavy Kicks and Punch States It is easier than you think especially if you went through the Light Attacks!

Level 2 - Movement and Projectiles

State Definition - Forward / Backward Dash

    In this Section, we will be making Simple Dashes to learn how Movement operates! We will also be talking about triggering Input Definitions when only Movement Keys are used!

State Definition - Hurricane Kick

   In this Section, we will be making Hurricane Kick of Ryu and mimic its properties depending on the button pressed. This is the State where we use both Movement and Attacks at the same time.
      We will also talk about "Post State Variable List"!


     Projectiles are another important part of Fighting Games. If you have a basic understanding of Fighters, Projectiles will be even easier to understand and figure out! Whatever Fighters have, Projectiles have them too but in simpler fashion, so let's see how they work!


Projectile State Modules

    Projectile State Modules are similar to Fighter ones. There are a few differences of course such as they have their own default states that gets triggered when they hit a target or they get out of bounds of view zone. Here we find out how they work!


Projectile Creation + State Definition

     Here we will be making a Projectile from scratch, using the Projectile Template Blueprint provided and also make a State Module for it using another Template. This is like a combination of 2 Tutorials!


State Definition - Spawning Projectile

     In this Section, we will be spawning a Projectile in a Simple State Definition we create. It is simple as much as the "Taunt" tutorial but with extra Sprite properties we will be using.

Making Combos!

     In this Section, we will talking about how to make Combos and actually use the Act System and its Boolean List we have been preparing in previous tutorials!

Level 3 - Stages


     In this Section, we will talking about Stages, their functionality, purpose and variables! They are actually much easier compared to Fighters and Projectiles as most of their systems are automated and only need small adjustments!
     Feel free to check it out if you ain't believing me! ^-^


Stage Creation - Basics

     In this Section, we will making our first Stage! We go through about the most Basic parts of Stage Creation where we add Flipbooks, Platforms, 3D Meshes and edit important variables!


     More is on its way so stay tuned!

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