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- Making Combos -

    Welcome! In this section we will learn about combos and how to use our Act System that we have been preparing so long! Our main focus will be being able to do

    Before we start, I assume that you have checked all the previous documentations and tutorials, got an "MyOmen" Fighter going on with moves already prepared.

 1- Preparation

  • Let's start with making sure our "MyOmen" has the "Act System Bool List" prepared like the image to the right.

  • We already went through this in our Taunt Tutorial briefly (in 4- Pre-Input Configuration section) where we made an Array of 20 total items. To the right you will see each item and their corresponding Move that Omen can do as long as the said value is TRUE.

  • For example if Array Item 0's value is TRUE, we will be able to do a Taunt Move. Note that Item 3 which is what we will eventually use for "Ex Dash" is FALSE because  we don't want it to be doable unless we can cancel our current move to dash.

  • In short, not every move needs to be doable when the Fighter goes into an Idle State.

  • Image to the right will let us remember that we use "Act System Bool List" in Input System Graph of our Fighter. As an example here we are setting a Condition to trigger this move (Taunt) and only let it trigger if the Array Item 0 is set to TRUE.

  • Since we set this value to TRUE via "Reset Act System" Event which triggers when an Idle State and such occurs, we never worried about the value itself.

  • But what if we need to change this Value runtime so that we can combo a move from another? It is easier than you think! So let's start!


 2- Light Punch to Medium Punch!

  • Before we start coding, we need to check what we actually need to trigger a Medium Punch. As the above image shows, there are 2 main prerequisites; Act System Bool List Item 6 needs to be TRUE and Ability Input Check value needs to be Enabled!

  • We will get to Act System Bool Value soon. But we need to make sure that Ability Input Check is enabled!

  • As the video to the right shows, we are actually disabling Ability Input so that our Fighter can't act. So let's see how we can change it!

  • What we are currently aiming is to be able to do Medium Punch after the Light Punch Attack connects. After all that's what a Combo is!

  • Fortunately we got an Output Execution Link that we can use just for this and it is in "Attack Extension - Impact Attributes" and called "After Character Impact". Feel free to check the video about where to find it!

  • This output link triggers each time the Attack
    it is connected to lands on a Target.

  • Now that we know which output exec link to use, lets link an "Addon - Set Controls - IT" to it and set Ability Input value to "Enabled".

  • We don't need the CD variant as the condition is already what we need; Attack connects to a Target.

  • Now that we have the first Condition ready, it is time to handle the "Act System" part.

  • Now [RMB] Click on an empty space and type "Get Character Owner", which will give us the reference of the Fighter that is using this State Module.

  • Drag out from its pin and release to get a menu pop up and type "Set Act System Bool List". This will give us a "Set Node" which we can link safely to the output exec pin named "Act System Update" in the Addon - Set Controls node that we previously used!

  • Now that we got an Act System Bool List to set its values, let's go back to "MyOmen_Char" and copy the "Make Array" node so we don't need to redo it one manually.

  • Next, paste what you copied and link it to the "Set Act System Bool List" node.

  • It all looks a bit unorganized but we will fix it now so no worries!

  • Now let's select everything and [RMB] click to open up a menu only to select "Collapse Nodes".

  • This is not a must to do and only to keep things tidy. You might have a truly long Boolean Array so this is just an example on how to keep things tidy for yourself!

  • Now it is time to set the Values of the Array we just prepared! For testing purposes we will only keep the item value 6 as TRUE which we are using for Medium Punch.

  • In the end when Light Punch Attack lands on the Target, Act System value will be updated as well!

  • Now when we test it out, Medium Punch should be doable just after Light Punch Attack lands on the Target!

 3- LP -> MP -> HP -> Hadouken Example

  • Here is a video where I do the exact same thing so that Medium Punch can be connected to the Heavy Punch and that to Hadouken!

  • Note that I am toggling only one boolean value but you can do any amount!

  • Now when we test it out, LP -> MP -> HP -> Hadouken should be possible!

    This is all you need to know about Act System and how to make Combos! There are 2 important things to note about:

  1. It is very important to keep the Array Size same for ALL times that you are triggering to change. You will get errors if say, Light Punch Contact sets the Array to 19 while it supposed to be 20. That's why it is important to have a list of the abilities your Fighter will have so you don't need to constantly update the size for all moves.

  2. Act System and such systems don't need to be updated only by Character Impact or Attack Definition. You can update them whenever and wherever you like. This is just an example as a concept of doing Combos.

    See you in next tutorials!

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