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- Projectiles -


    Welcome! In this section we will be talking about Projectiles. They are game objects that are used to harm Fighters or damage Stage Objects that are spawned by Fighters or by other Projectiles such as Fireballs, Bullets, Explosions and anything else you can think of really!

    Before we continue, I assume that you already went through the Fighter documentations and tutorials as Projectiles are just simpler versions of Fighters, made with less systems and components so it should require much smaller effort to understand them!

 1- Components

  • First lets take a small tour about what each Components are doing. Some components are editable while some are system-only, which should NOT be touched and handled by UF2D itself.

  • We will be going through everything in "Omen_Proj0" and video shows where to find and open it!

  • PS: "_Proj" prefixes are not a must. Unreal Blueprints tend to look same from outside so it is okay to have things such as "_char" for Characters, "_Comp" for Companions etc.

  • ​Here is the list of all the Components in a regular Projectile. Let's see what they are about!

  • World Collision Box dictates the Stage Interactions of the Projectile. If allowed to do so, Projectile gets destroyed when this collision box touches the ground or when this box is completely out of the visual limits.

  • Flipbook Container and other Scene Components that linked to it are only there to hold Flipbook Components.

  • Projectile/Shadow/Reflection FB Main Components are as their name suggest, Projectile's visual sprites that are animated. Projectile FB can be positioned and scaled freely and the rest will follow. The "Main" prefix will be important when additional sprite slots are added in future releases.

  • Masked Shadow Caster is a flipbook that is a System-Only component, allowing the Sprite to cast dynamic shadows as if it is not Translucent.

  • Arrow Components are System-Only and mostly related to me for testing purposes.

  • Audio Container and the components linked are for important for Fighter Audio that System-Only components

  • State Module Container is a System-Only component that holds State Modules of a Character. Every SM that is spawned gets attached to it.

  • Col Visualizers are just there for showcasing Collision Boxes, nothing game related.​

 2- Graphs

    As for Graphs, there is nothing that UF2D adds extra. That's what I meant with Projectiles are much simpler than Fighters. They are in a sense glorified Attack Definitions! ^-^

 3- Variables

    Compared to Fighters, Projectiles have it easier when it comes variables so lets go through them shortly!

  • "Standard Animation List" contains the basic Animations that must be defined. Most of the time "Empty" stays untouched, "Alive" used for the usual active State and the remaining ones are tend to be non-looping animations before the Projectile is destroyed.

  • Base Projectile Material is the material that will be used to render the Projectile. Can be a Palette too if so desired.

  • Main State Module has the similar functionality of what Fighters' Main State Module, containing the basic State Definitions that are using the animations above.

  • Extra Shadow/Reflection Offset is used if the regular places that Shadow and Reflection are not really fitting to what we intend to have.

  • Reflection SM List contains State Modules that can be triggered if a Fighter reflects this Projectile.


    This is all we need for a short summary about what Projectiles are. Feel free to check Projectile State Modules here!

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