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- Fighter Creation -

    Welcome! In this Tutorial we will be making a Fighter named "Omen" from scratch. UF2D already has an Omen for you to test and check around so we will name this one "MyOmen".

    Please make sure to check all the previous Tutorials and such related to Unreal Engine and Fighters before starting the Tutorial!


 1- Using the Template

  • Firstly, lets make a folder inside "UF2D / Project / Characters" folder and name it "MyOmen".

  • Then make a copy of the "Fighter_Temp" which is just a basic Fighter Template Blueprint with default values and put it inside the folder we just made.

  • Lastly rename it "MyOmen_Char" and put it into a folder named "Omen2".

  • Now lets test if our Fighter can be played or not!

  • Select "UF2D Framework Kickstarter" from "World Outliner" on top right corner and in its "Details" tab go to "Test Mode" and change "Team 1 Properties". Change the First Fighter to our newly created Fighter.

  • If the name is "default" and sprites belong to Ken, that means we have it working no problem!

Fighter Scaling

  • One important thing to note is, the Scale of your might be off. Template's Character Flipbook Scale is 2.0 as default value.

  • Feel free to put it to 1.0 or any value that suits your Fighter!

  • Once you edit the Flipbook's Scale the next thing to fix is the Box Extent values of Character Collision Box so that collision works properly.

  • Note that Scale can NOT be changed. It is the Extent values that you need to edit fitting to the Flipbook's scale!

  • Since Character Collision Box holds all the other components, moving it also move the other ones. Feel free to position
    only Character Flipbook and others will work automatically!

General Variables

  • Here we will be editing some general variables such as Name, Win Quote, Health Bar and KO Sound. You can go ahead and change other stuff to your liking!

  • If you want your Fighter to have more than one Health Bar (aka Segmented), make sure the total value of segments equals to the Max Health!

Movement Values

  • Changing the Movement Speed for Forward and Backward directions is pretty straightforward! Just two variables to edit!

  • In UF2D, all other types of Movements are done via Timelines (to move Fighters from X to Y in time). And those Timelines use Curves!

  • Here you will see 3 Curve Variables linked to Timelines of a Fighter's jumping states.

  • If you want to change the way Fighter jumps, make sure to make a copy of the curve, edit the new curve's values and select it as new value!

Preloading Assets

  • Title is mouthful but what we are going to do is extremely easy.

  • Characters can define a Target so that Unreal can load all assets within the folder that Target belongs to. Subfolders are also loaded.

  • "Preload Asset System" contains an Array named "Main Asset Loader Targets". Here we just head to the PreLoad Target Template Folder and copy the Preload Target Blueprint into the MyOmen folder and select it as an Array Item. (I add Omen_PLT as well so we can use the other files within that folder too!)

    Here we got a general look at how to change the general variables of a Fighter. However we still didn't implement a way to change the way he looks. In this case we will be using a Blueprint called "Character Animation System", shortly named FAnims (F standing for Fighters). Feel free to check it out here!

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